What is iCollaborative?

As a service of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), iCollaborative provides a platform for educators and learners to share educational innovations that are being developed, implemented and tested within the health professions.

Are materials in iCollaborative considered peer reviewed?

Most resources posted in iCollaborative are not peer reviewed and do not receive a formal citation.

Who has access to iCollaborative?

All materials in iCollaborative are available at no charge to the general public around the globe.

Does the AAMC charge a fee to post or access iCollaborative resources?


Does iCollaborative include materials available in foreign languages?

At this time, materials found in iCollaborative are available in English only.

Who can submit material to iCollaborative?

Students, educators, practitioners, researchers and administrators of the health professions are invited to submit to the iCollaborative.

Why would I want to submit to iCollaborative?

iCollaborative submitters promote the visibility and accessibility of their materials to the AAMC’s broad membership base and the global audience of health professionals.

Can students submit materials to iCollaborative?


Can my iCollaborative resource be included in my curriculum vitae (CV) or resume?

Your posted iCollaborative resource may be included in your CV in a section which is clearly designated as “Non Peer Reviewed Educational Resources,” but we encourage you to check your institutional CV guidelines for more information.

Can submitters remove their resources at any time?

Yes. Materals in iCollaborative can be removed from the site or revised at any time. Please write to icollaborative@aamc.org with your request.

Can a submitter revise his or her resource once it is posted online?

Yes. Materals in iCollaborative  can be removed from the site or revised at any time. Please write to icollaborative@aamc.org with your request.

Can an individual submit a white paper to iCollaborative for public vetting before submitting an associated manuscript to a journal for formal peer review and publication?

The AAMC does not assume ownership of submitted materials. A submitter maintains the intellectual property for any content that is submitted and posted and may submit elsewhere for formal peer review and publication. However, if the white paper and the manuscript overlap significantly, a peer reviewed journal may refuse acceptance. Submitters are encouraged to check with the journal of interest prior to submitting.

Why is the iCollaborative no longer part of MedEdPORTAL?

In 2017, MedEdPORTAL transitioned from an AAMC service/repository to an open-access journal, focused solely on peer-reviewed publications. However, as the AAMC is committed to preserving iCollaborative content, all resources will be available through aamc.org/icollaborative. 

Why is my resource no longer showing in iCollaborative?

The resources published in iCollaborative are governed by an archiving policy. As part of the submission agreement, you have accepted the conditions that it is at the discretion of the AAMC staff to remove resources or entire collections.

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