Holistic Review Resource Bank

Holistic Review Image.png The Holistic Review Resource Bank is the online destination for identifying, developing, and sharing information, tools and resources pertaining to holistic selection processes that are inclusive, coherent, transparent and mission-based. 

The AAMC’s Holistic Review in Admissions Framework was developed with and for medical schools throughout the country seeking a diverse, inclusive body of students representing a breadth of experiences and attributes in addition to academic ability. A vast majority of schools now report the use of one or more elements of holistic review in their admissions or other selection processes (e.g., faculty, etc.) This collection seeks to provide a community platform to share, collaborate on and promote holistic review of aspiring and current health and academic medicine professionals.  

This collection is designed for anyone involved or interested in holistic admissions or selections processes.

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AAMC Holistic Review Framework(s)

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Centrality of Mission and Goals

Holistic Processes and Practices

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