Posted: May 18, 2020

Emergency Operations Center Support


The Problem: The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) serves as a major hub for the Emergency Management and Emergency Response (EM/ER) Team at NYU Langone. This team works in conjunction with many student volunteer efforts such as Fit Testing and Face Shield Building, but also addresses provider safety throughout the hospital. Given this role, many issues arise throughout the day requiring troubleshooting. Therefore, it is necessary to have administrators and students on-hand to address these needs. 

Our Approach: Students provide support to the EM/ER Team in the EOC. This includes participation in daily meetings with institutional administrators and serving as a liaison to student leaders. As the situation with COVID is rapidly evolving, so too is the response of the EOC and the role of student volunteers. 

Participants: All medical student classes, PhDs, Post-Doctoral Students


NYU Med Students v. COVID19, NYU Grossman School of Medicine,

Project Category

Non-clinical support

Mode of Participation

In-person non-clinical

Credit Status


Project Type

Infection control/occupational health
Coordination of PPE donations or manufacturing
Coordination with local departments of health


Emergency Operations; Emergency Response; Emergency Management