Posted: May 18, 2020

COVID Rapid Response Team-Chicago


COVID Rapid Response Team-Chicago aims to connect, amplify, and serve as a vehicle of local efforts to address key COVID-19 crisis points in the Chicagoland area. We are a collective of independent community members, healthcare students, and clinicians connecting the various front lines of the COVID crisis to our communities’ resources. We aim to support sustainable, organized, safe, and thoughtful support of local community efforts to support survival during the COVID crisis. We offer our resources, skills, and time to scale-up critical life-sustaining services to marginalized communities in Chicago during the COVID crisis.


Matthew Christensen, Chicago Medical School,

Project Category

Direct COVID-19 support 
Non-clinical support 
Support for healthcare workers 
Charitable/Social Services 

Mode of Participation

In-person non-clinical

Credit Status


Project Type

Coordination of PPE donations or manufacturing
Coordination with local departments of health
Community outreach to minimize social isolation


Community Outreach, Chicago, PPE, Rapid Response Team