Posted: May 21, 2020

New York Medical College Feeds Our Healthcare Heroes


After transitioning to an online curriculum, NYMC students felt extremely disappointed leaving their clinical sites. We create strong relationships not only with patients, but also with the hospital staff members. First-hand, we have experienced the selflessness of every hospital worker. We have received so much from these employees, from clinical skills and professional knowledge to countless life lessons. In order to pay it forward, a fundraiser was organized to order meals for the staff who are working non-stop at our 10 affiliated hospitals. NYMC is affiliated with hospitals throughout the tristate area including Westchester Medical Center, Metropolitan Hospital, St. Joseph’s University Medical Center, and Greenwich Hospital. Donations are still being collected via a dedicated GoFundMe page. All of the proceeds donated will be put towards the meals, which will be exclusively catered from local restaurants desperately in need of the business. The GoFundMe has been shared with the entire NYMC student body and advertised on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Volunteer medical student representatives are coordinating between the hospitals and local businesses to organize food deliveries for up to 100 staff members. As of May 1, we have donated to five of our affiliated hospitals. The remaining donations are scheduled for mid-May. We have raised over $4300 with a goal of $5000.


Melanie Winters, New York Medical College,

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Non-clinical support 
Support for healthcare workers

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Grocery delivery/meal coordination for healthcare workers
Wellbeing support for healthcare workers and students


Fundraising, Local Business Support, Meal Donation, Hospital Staff Support