Posted: May 2, 2012

Hospital and Healthcare System Integration of CME and Quality Improvement


Integrating and accomplishing quality improvement (QI) objectives into a CME activity requires identifying specific metrics to be improved, and the best methods to collect, analyze, and report data related to physician behaviors. Further, aligning the QI goals of CME activities with those of healthcare institutions is necessary to continue to improve the quality of care delivered to patients, and to ensure that CME has an impact on patient outcomes. This resource describes an effort by Duke University Hospital to integrate CME and quality improvement using a smoking cession program as a model.


Curriculum, Residency, GME, Communication, Quality Improvement, CME, Smoking Cessation


Chitra Subramaniam, PhD, Duke University School of Medicine

Roy Pleasants, Duke University School of Medicine

Peter Kussin, Duke University School of Medicine

Lawrence Trachtman, Duke Clinical Research Institute