Posted: June 10, 2014

Revitalizing an Interdisciplinary Team Meeting On a Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit


A Team Meeting Communication Checklist based on the International Classification of Function (ICF) functional domains was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of weekly interdisciplinary team meetings on an inpatient pediatric rehabilitation unit. The aim of this project was threefold: to improve team member satisfaction, standardize content discussed, and allow for discussion of every patient during the ninety minute meeting. Reorganization of the meeting in this fashion changed discipline specific reports to patient centered discussions.


Interdisciplinary, Communication, Quality Improvement, Pediatrics, Checklist, Team Meeting, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 2014 IQ Meeting


Ashlee Goldsmith, MD, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Laura Schroer, BSN, RN, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center