Posted: June 25, 2014

Engaging a Medical Staff to Achieve Higher Value in Cancer Care


At the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, an Ad Hoc Quality Committee was appointed by the Executive Committee of the Medical Staff (ECMS) to create a quality plan across the cancer care continuum. The committee used the six IOM Aims for Improvement from the Crossing the Quality Chasm Report (Safe; Timely; Efficient; Effective; Equitable; Patient-Centered) as dimensions of quality across all seven phases of cancer care delivery-Access; Prevention and Screening; Diagnosis; Treatment; Surveillance; Survivorship and End of Life. A model was created that integrates W. Edwards Deming's Organization as a System and Michael Porter's Value Equation as the framework for the quality plan.


Improvement, IOM, Quality Plan, Diver Diagram, 2014 IQ Meeting


John Bingham, MHA, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Maria Alma Rodriguez, MD, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center