Posted: November 10, 2014

Promoting Scholarship in Graduate Medical Education


There are challenges in GME including a large GME Community, changing regulatory and accreditation requirements, implementation of electronic health records, constraints of time and money, and differing health care delivery methods. The Group on Resident Affairs Academic Home and Scholarship Committee is focused on promoting scholarship related to education or research, with basic goals of networking and collaboration. A facilitated session on Promoting Scholarship was led by 4 DIOs from different types of sponsoring institutions. After facilitators described efforts at their own institutions, the participants focused on Ideas for scholarship of various constituencies in GME, including faculty and program directors, residents, and DIOs. They designed a scholarly activity for that constituency and described how that scholarly activity would be implemented at an institutional level. They addressed potential barriers to successful implementation. The plan is to extend this effort to more GME institutions in the future.


GME, Faculty Development, Residents, Digital Poster Gallery, Chicago, Advocacy for Medicine and Science, Institutional Development, Promoting Scholarship of DIO, Program Directors


Rita M. Patel, MD, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Kimberly Baker-Genaw, MD, Henry Ford Hospital

Jeffrey M. Devries, MD, MPH, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine

Miriam Bar-on, MD, University of Nevada Las Vegas, School of Medicine