Posted: May 13, 2015

Third-Year Medical Students as Health Value Officers: A Systematic Approach to Improving Care and Reducing Costs


Using the Society of Hospital Medicine's adult hospital medicine list, an undergraduate medical education team designed a curricular revision for the third year internal medicine clerkship. This new curriculum sought to increase medical student knowledge regarding the potentially unnecessary care (that physicians and patients should discuss and potentially avoid) outlined in the Society of Hospital Medicine list, as well as two common local practices of ordering unnecessary glycohemoglobin lipid panel testing on hospital admission. This resource describes the curriculum, which includes a 1-hour classroom orientation and seven podcasts covering practices that can contribute to unnecessary resource utilization.


Health Care Costs, Wasteful Spending, Reducing Costs, High-Value Care Officer, Internal Medicine Clerkship


Martin D. Muntz, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin

Bipin Thapa, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin

Jaren G. Thomas, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin

Kerrie L. Quirk, MEd, Medical College of Wisconsin