Posted: March 27, 2015

Graduate Medical Education Institutional Disaster Policy


The ACGME requires that SAUSHEC, as a Sponsoring Institution, have a written plan to address administrative support for GME programs and residents in the event of a disaster or interruption in patient care. A disaster is an event or set of events causing significant alteration to the residency experience for one or more residency programs. This provides a policy that meets the ACGME requirements and may be of help for new institutions or institutions updating their current policies.

*This policy was reviewed by the GRA Resource Clearinghouse Policy Subcommittee in April 2016. This policy more than adequately addresses: Plan to address alterations to residency experience caused by disaster; temporary plans, permanent plans, and communication protocols. Additionally, the policy has new content that involves the Offices of the Surgeon General and the service specific Physician Education leadership for guidance. This policy would be a good model for military training sites.


Military, GME, Graduate Medical Education, GME Disaster Policy


Woodson Scott Jones, MD, San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium