Posted: April 14, 2015

Population Health 2025 and Beyond


Xavier University, a private university without an academic health care center, has been actively implementing Interprofessional Education (IPE) activities since 2008. Since that time students and faculty from nine professions have been brought together to learn about each other's profession and to solve real world problems. The purpose is so students are prepared for the evolving health care settings in which today's professionals are expected to work collaboratively.

The ultimate goals of the IPE program are to address the nation's triple Aim: To enhance the patient/family experience with health care delivery; to improve patient outcomes; and reduce per capita costs. This was done within the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis, magis, and service. Since launching the program we can report that 30 Xavier faculty are now certified as TeamSTEPPS™ master faculty, 350 students have participated in a graduate level IPE course from nine professions, and we have hosted annual IPE workshop with a national speaker on dementia as well as luncheon presentations with keynote guest speakers each semester. Freshman students from three professions have learned to work collaboratively together on class projects as they learned about each other's roles and responsibilities. Faculty have produced four publications and conducted 15 presentations at national conferences. Xavier's students and faculty embrace IPE.


Population Health, Interprofessional Education, Public Health Sciences, IPEC Spring 2015, Triple Aim, Interprofessional Collaborative Environment


Lisa Niehaus, MSN, RN, Xavier University

Susan Schmidt, PhD, APRN, COHN-S, CNS, CNL, Xavier University

Lisa Jutte, PhD, ATC, Xavier University

Donna Endicott, MEd, RT(R), Xavier University

Kimberly P. Toole, DNP, APRN, CPNP, CNP, Xavier University

Shelagh Larking, MSW, LISW, Xavier University

Shawn Nason, Xavier University

Tom Merril, DMA, Xavier University

Dave Johnson, Xavier University

Scott Chadwick, PhD, Xavier University