Posted: January 20, 2016

OSR Toolkit: Peer-to-Peer Professionalism Committee


This toolkit is designed for the professional development of students according to graduation competencies and is founded on the principles of education, mediation, and celebration. Education focuses on creating learning opportunities involving professionalism for individuals or the student body so that they can be equipped to handle difficult situations in their professional careers. Mediation involves providing a safe outlet for students and faculty to handle professionalism issues on a peer-to-peer level; P2P aims to minimize administrative involvement, which can be a barrier to open conversation. Celebration promotes and showcases students who embody core professionalism ideals so that they can serve as role models for the medical school community. All three of P2P's principles are a reflection of the professional standard exhibited by the medical profession. In large part, physicians are taught, policed, and honored by one another. It seems fitting to have medical students practice these self-regulating skills just as we are learning to practice medicine itself.


Professionalism, Competency, OSR Toolkit, P2P, NYMC, Mediation, Accolade, Self-Regulating


Christopher Monson, New York Medical College

Erica Jacovetty, New York Medical College

J. Henry Feng, New York Medical College

Joshua Sterling, New York Medical College

Kelvin Luu, New York Medical College