Posted: January 20, 2016

Sociocultural and Behavioral Determinants of Health for LGBT Persons


In this video Carey Roth Bayer, EdD, RN, CSE interviews lore m. dickey, PhD and David Malebranche, MD, MPH, on the sociocultural and behavioral determinants of health for LGBT persons. In this engaging conversation, they discuss the diverse range of intersecting factors linked to LGBT health disparities, the effects of religious or spiritual practices on the health decisions of LGBT youth, the crucial part support and effective listening plays in the health decisions of LGBT adults and seniors, providing appropriate health care based on patients' present anatomy, how to use intake or supplemental forms to create a trusting environment, and including resiliency in the framing and assessment of LGBT health.

Presenters: Carey Roth Bayer, EdD, RN, CSE, Associate Professor, Departments of Community Health and Preventive Medicine/Medical Education, Morehouse School of Medicine, Associate Director of Educational Leadership, Satcher Health Leadership Institute; lore m. dickey, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Louisiana Tech University, Contributing Author: Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community; David Malebranche, MD, MPH, Primary Care Physician, University of Pennsylvania Student Health Services, Author: Standing on His Shoulders: What I Learned about Race, Life, and High Expectations from My Haitian Superman Father.


LGBT, Health Promotion, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender Non-Conforming, Clinician-Patient Communication


Kristen L. Eckstrand, MD, PhD, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Carey Roth Bayer, EdD, RN, CSE, Morehouse School of Medicine