Posted: March 29, 2016

Brigham and Women's Care Redesign Incubator and Startup Program (BCRISP)


New value-based payment models require robust clinician engagement in improving clinical outcomes and reducing waste. Provider organizations must seek to engage both primary care and specialty clinicians in delivering high-value, cost-conscious, quality care. This focus requires new ways of thinking for many clinicians, and initially can provoke discomfort for individuals accustomed to ignoring cost when evaluating care pathways and potential treatments. However, any effort to promote value in healthcare necessarily requires the support of frontline clinical staff. Faced with the need to encourage culture change, we created a novel investment platform to catalyze engagement and evaluate and support innovative ideas to improve value in care delivery.


Quality Improvement, Clinical Care Innovation (CCI), Clinical Learning Environment, Data Analytics


Jessica Dudley, MD, Brigham and Women's Physicians Organization

Karl Laskowski, MD, MBA, Brigham and Women's Physicians Organization