Posted: March 29, 2016

Solutions for Value Enhancement (SolVE): Sustainably Engaging Frontline Caregivers in Improvement


Many healthcare organizations are heightening efforts to engage clinicians in quality improvement. We observed two key barriers to effectively engaging clinicians in improvement efforts: capacity (time available to work on improvement efforts) and capability (skills to effectively solve quality problems faced in delivering care.) Further, we hypothesized that clinicians who have been trained and engaged in successful improvement efforts would be more likely to engage in effective future improvement work. In order to address both barriers (capacity and capability) and provide a positive quality improvement experience, we developed an experiential problem-solving program that engages multidisciplinary frontline teams in continuous quality improvement efforts aligned to the organization's goals. This 12-week program, dubbed Solutions for Value Enhancement (SolVE), combines classroom sessions, application to a real clinical problem, and coaching to effectively engage caregiver teams in quality improvement.


Quality Improvement, Clinical Care Innovation (CCI), Clinical Learning Environment, Data Analytics


Lisa Yerian, MD, Continuous Improvement

Nirav Vakharia, MD, Cleveland Clinic