Posted: March 29, 2016

Personalized Health Planning in Shared Medical Appointments for Individuals with Type II Diabetes


The burden of care for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases falls on primary care environments which are already strained for resources. Strategies to more effectively and efficiently manage complex chronic conditions is an area in need of innovation. Duke Family Medicine Center, a primary care clinic within the Duke University Health System, serves a population with a high prevalence of chronic diseases. The care for patients with poorly controlled type II diabetes has highlighted the need for improved clinical delivery models. Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs) are a promising health care delivery mechanism because they provide a cost- and time-efficient solution to treating patients with significant health and behavioral risks. The study described herein incorporates innovative strategies to enhance SMAs for individuals with type II diabetes. It will determine if this new approach is feasible and effective in improving clinical outcomes and patient engagement. The study team will refine the process based on patient input for implementing a novel approach to SMAs, thereby making it scalable and exportable.


Quality Improvement, Clinical Care Innovation (CCI), Clinical Learning Environment, Data Analytics


Ralph Snyderman, MD, Duke University School of Medicine

Sharon K. Hull, MD, MPH, FAAFP, FACPM, Duke University School of Medicine