Posted: November 2, 2016

Collective Holistic Admissions Yields Greater Satisfaction, Greater Productivity, and Increased Fairness in our Admissions Committee


The workload and time commitment for a successful Admissions Committee is extremely high. We developed and instituted innovative approaches to both individual and committee review of applicant information which has resulted in decreased file review time, high inter-rater reliability scores, reduced "halo effect" and increased member satisfaction. This transformative change, which we named "Collective Holistic Admissions", has created a meeting environment with active member engagement.

*Presented at Learn Serve Lead 2016


Admissions, LSL 2016, Multiple Independent Sampling, Collective Holistic Admissions


Alison Howe, MS, College of Medicine Teaching

Janice Gallant, MD, College of Medicine Admissions Committee

Kathryn Huggett, PhD, University of Vermont College of Medicine

Laura Green, MD, College of Medicine Admissions Committee

Raiel Barlow, MD, College of Medicine Admissions Committee