Posted: October 10, 2017

Leveraging Resources in a Small Graduate Program to Design an Advanced Translational Course


Eastern Virginia Medical School trains PhD and Masters of sciences students in biomedical sciences. With an average enrolment of 7-12 students/year and 27 basic science faculty our program faces certain challenges but also offers unique opportunities. The focus of our program is to provide multidisciplinary training with core coursework focused on molecular, cellular or organismal basis of human disease. In 2016 we designed “Methods and Logic in Translational Biology” a new advanced core course. This core course may be an example on how a small graduate program can leverage resources to offer concentrated training in translational sciences.


Mentoring, Teamwork, Curriculum Graduate Students, Translational Sciences


Anca Dobrian, PhD, Eastern Virginia Medical School

William McPheat, PhD, MBA, Eastern Virginia Medical School

Frank Lattanzio, PhD, Eastern Virginia Medical School