Posted: November 20, 2017

Outcomes from a Novel Online Course, "Planning Your Scientific Journey"


In June 2017, iBiology launched a beta-test of its novel, free online course, “Planning Your Scientific Journey.” The goals of course were for students to (1) evaluate potential research questions and experimental approach with a set of criteria, (2) develop a plan for their research, and (3) prepare for a meeting to discuss their research project and plan with their mentor. The course utilized innovative video production and focused on topics not typically taught in a course format. Here we present the outcomes of this experiment in training.


Online Course, Curriculum Development, e-Learning, Novel Research Topics, Video Production


Shannon Behrman, PhD, iBiology/UCSF

Alexandra Schnoes, PhD, iBiology/UCSF

Nina Griffin, iBiology/UCSF

Daniel McQuillen, iBiology

Sarah Goodwin, PhD, iBiology

Elliot Kirschner, iBiology

Noah Green, iBiology

Elizabeth Cohon, iBiology

Ron Vale, iBiology, UCSF, HHMI