Posted: June 12, 2018

Using Process Improvement Methodology to Improve the Patient Experience


This poster aims at decreasing the Patient Financial Services’ (PFS’) Call Center Abandonment Rate. The PFS’ Call Center plays a vital role in the patient journey. It is one of the last points of contact that the patient will have with the institution regarding the visit at hand. On average, the call center receives about 180,000 calls per month. At the start of the project, there were about 15 representatives attempting to field calls. The PFS’ Call Center Abandonment (ABA) Rate was about 19%, which was unsatisfactory for the patients served. The goal was to reduce the PFS’ Call Center Abandonment Rate from 19% to less than or equal to 5% by November 2017. An intradepartmental team utilized Six Sigma’s DMAIC methodology to determine root causes and develop solutions. The team mapped the current state of the process and conducted root cause analysis. Direct observations and manual data collection helped to validate the hypotheses of the root causes. Some of the tools utilized were statistical control charts, a Cause and Effect Diagram, and Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA). Multiple solutions were developed and executed including reduction of the call center hours, shift consolidation, revisions to self-pay policies, and moving to a single lunch break for all representatives to unwind amongst each other. These changes helped to decrease the ABA rate from 19% to 4% and improve employee morale. Other solutions that will be implemented at a future time will assist with decreasing the ABA Rate further and sustaining the improvement. Those interventions are a pre-service counselling team that will explain to patients their benefits and financial responsibility and improvements in the insurance verification process.


Root Cause Analysis, Patient Experience, Six Sigma, Process Control Charts, Abandonment Rate, Call Center


Roderick Parker, CLSSGB, PMP, University of Miami Health System

Lizzie Duran, University of Miami Health System

Nadia Castaing

Barbie Ortiz-Moses, University of Miami Health System

Roselor Taylor, University of Miami Health System

Rita Suarez, University of Miami Health System