Posted: September 28, 2018

Interprofessional collaboration to integrate oral health into medical education


North Carolina fails to meet the oral health needs for the majority of its population, ranking 37th in the USA in dentist to population ratios and 70 of 100 counties having a shortage of dental health professionals. By integrating oral health into the medical curriculum, these disparities can be decreased.The Schools of Dentistry and Medicine successfully integrated oral health education into the medical school curriculum through and interprofessional, peer teaching activity where medical students were taught how to perform a head and neck exam.


Interprofessional, Dentistry, Oral Health, Medicine, Peer Teaching, IPEC Faculty Development Conference Presentations


Kurt Gilliland, PhD, UNC School of Medicine

Ricardo Padilla, DDS, UNC School of Dentistry

Rocio Quinonez, DDS, MS, MPH, UNC School of Dentistry

Vicki Kowlowitz, PhD, UNC School of Dentistry

Lewis Lampiris, DDS, MPH, UNC School of Dentistry

Katharine Ciarrocca , DMD, MSEd, UNC School of Dentistry