Posted: May 13, 2019

Genomics Education Initiatives of the Genomic Healthcare Branch, NHGRI


The Genomic Healthcare Branch (GHB) of the Division of Policy, Communications and Education at NHGRI supports genomics literacy among practitioners through several initiatives. The “Genetics/Genomics Competency Center” (G2C2, ) is a multi-disciplinary website repository of genomics education resources for classroom or self-learning. The G2C2 Editorial Board consists of genomics education experts including pharmacists, nurses, physicians, genetic counselors, and physician assistants. The Editorial Board reviews, approves, and maps all accepted resources to published genomic competencies. GHB also supports the creation of new educational content, such as the “Global Genetics and Genomics Community” (G3C, ) which includes case studies that explore pharmacogenomics and other genetics/genomics scenarios. GHB facilitates the “Inter-Society Coordinating Committee for Practitioner Education” (ISCC, ) which brings together genomics educators from health professional organizations, including the American College of Clinical Pharmacy and the American Pharmacists Association. GHB offers a three to four-day genomics course each summer. Courses in the past have targeted nurses and physician assistants, plus the faculty who educate practitioners in these disciplines. GHB provides information and resources through the health section of the NHGRI website ( ), facilitates communications between the genomics practitioner community and NHGRI funding and research divisions, and guides policy discussions and reviews related to integration of genomics into practice.


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Donna Messersmith, PhD, National Human Genome Research Institute

Bob Wildin, M.D., National Human Genome Research Institute