Posted: May 14, 2019

Developing Sustainable IPE Partnerships to Improve Health of Vulnerable Populations


Vulnerable populations, such as homeless women and children, have unique and often unmet healthcare needs. Providing patient-centered, coordinated care to this population is essential to better patient outcomes. Little is known, however, about how interprofessional teams work with homeless women and children. The purpose of this poster is to describe the current interprofessional collaboration to meet the needs of homeless women and children. The specific aims of this poster are: 1) To explore how to facilitate other professional collaboration (beyond social workers and nurse practitioners) for homeless women and children. 2) To develop a strategy to engage students, from various disciplines, in meaningful interprofessional education opportunities while providing care for homeless women and children. 


Interprofessional Education, Vulnerable Populations, Practice-Oriented Teamwork


Jodi Allen, MSN, FNP-C, DNP(c), Purdue University Northwest

Nicole Petsas Blodgett, PhD, RN, Purdue University Northwest