Posted: May 14, 2019

Stroke Boot Camp: An Integrated Clinical Education (ICE) Model for Intensive Chronic Stroke Rehabilitation


Chapman University health programs focus on inter-professional education to promote a holistic and dynamic educational experience for students. The Department of Physical Therapy developed Stroke Boot Camp (SBC) and partnered with other health programs, Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT), Physician Assistant (PA), Pharmacy (Pharm.D.), and Communication Science and Disorders (CSD), to enhance the program for students and participants. The initiative is a pro bono inter-professional intensive rehabilitation and wellness program for individuals with chronic stroke. The goals were to establish clinical relevance of classroom concepts and enhance student motivation for learning through utilizing integrated clinical education (ICE). Stroke Boot Camp also addressed one of the leading causes of death in the United States and the challenge of limited access to stroke rehabilitation and wellness services. Community dwelling adults with chronic stroke volunteered as participants to in the program. Graduate students enrolled in Chapman University's MFT, PA, Pharm.D., and CSD programs served as the inter-professional health profession student team for the participants. Each program provided faculty, clinical instructors, and staff to supervise and mentor the students. The student teams performed various assessments and activities respective of their health profession programs. They collaborated and learned alongside one another of the participants' abilities and knowledge to provide optimal interventions and care. Stroke Boot Camp allowed an opportunity for health profession students to learn and work in inter-professional teams while meeting the community needs of stroke rehabilitation and wellness services. The majority of participants and students reported benefiting from the program and working within an environment that supports integrated clinical education and inter-professional education. 


IPE, Stroke, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, Interprofessional Education, Physical Therapy, Boot Camp, Marriage and Family Therapy, Rehabiliatation, ICE, Communication Sciences, Integrated Clinical Education, Chronic Stroke, Speech


Alison McKenzie, PT, DPT, PhD, MA, Chapman University

Caryn Ito, PT, DPT, MS, PCS, Chapman University

Naveen Jonathan, PhD, LMFT, Chapman University

Patricia Brown, PT, DPT, NCS, Chapman University

Gabriela Belinsky, MPAS, PA-C, Chapman University

Mara Snee, MPAP, PA-C, Chapman University

Michael Kelly, PharmD, Chapman University

Aprita Lal, PhD, LMFT, Chapman University

Heather Witcher, LMFT, Chapman University

Susan Jester, MA, LMFT, Chapman University