Posted: May 15, 2019

Lack of Multiple-Discipline Learner Placement is a Barrier to IPE in Primary Care


Inter-professional education and collaborative practice (IPECP) are health system goals for the Woodruff Health Sciences Center at Emory University. IPECP may be more difficult to achieve in the ambulatory primary care setting because of block rotations and pace of practice. We proposed to: find out how many academic PC sites accepted learner placements from multiple disciplines; and to determine common barriers to IPECP in the Emory system and from literature review. Our review showed that several common barriers described in the literature existed in our clinics, but that there was a stellar example of a model PC practice within our system. This team will be fully describing their model and disseminating best practices. 


Primary Care, Physician Assistant, Interprofessional Education, Medical Student, Pharmacist, Collaborative Practice, Nurse Practitioner, Student Placement


Linda S. Young, BSN, MHA, Emory Clinic

Caroline V. Coburn, DNP, MS, ANP-BC, Emory School of Nursing

Theodore M. Johnson II, MD, MPH, Emory School of Medicine

Sarah K. John, NP, Emory Clinic

Lydia E. Newsome, PharmD, Mercer School of Health Professions