Posted: March 29, 2020

An Asynchronous "Flexible" Elective for Emergency Medicine-Bound Senior Medical Students


This is a four-week asynchronous learning elective for emergency medicine-bound senior medical students. Weekly course activities are organized around common chief complaints seen in the emergency department (ED). Each week, students engage in four days of multimodal self-study and independent case preparation, with one day of online discussion and presentation of progressive disclosure cases. For the self-study portion, students follow a detailed day-to-day schedule that includes emergency medicine-specific resources in multiple formats (e.g. podcasts, textbooks, blog posts, online board review videos, question banks). During online synchronous group sessions, diverse teaching and learning techniques are used, including small group discussion, learner presentations, formal didactics, and progressive disclosure cases.


Aarti Jain, M.D., Keck School of Medicine of USC
Anthony Fredericks, M.D., UCLA Ronald Reagan/Olive View Emergency Medicine Residency Program
Shamoon, Michael, M.D., Keck School of Medicine of USC
Riddell, Jeffrey, M.D., Keck School of Medicine of USC
Alex Stern, M.D., Keck School of Medicine of USC
David Diller, M.D. Keck School of Medicine of USC


Learner Audience

Undergraduate Medical Education (UME)


Medical Knowledge, Patient Care

Resource Type(s)

Distance Learning - Asynchronous
Distance Learning - Synchronous

Instructional Method(s)

Case-Based Instruction/Learning
Discussion, Small Group [≤12]
Independent Learning


Medical students, Distance learning, Learner presentations, Multimodal, Asynchronous, Emergency medicine, Progressive disclosure cases, Small group discussion