Posted: March 29, 2020

Yale Medical Student Task Force (MSTF) Volunteer Training Guides


In the setting of COVID-19, many patients at Yale have had their outpatient appointments canceled. Yale's Medical Student Task Force (MSTF) has partnered with several internal medicine departments to reach out to these patients via phone calls. Student volunteers were trained to check in with patients, educate patients on virtual visit rescheduling options, elicit any health or medication concerns that could not wait until the rescheduled visit, and relay patient questions to the provider. These training guides were used by MSTF volunteers to reach out to patients in the Yale Departments of Endocrinology and Cardiology. The guides include a description of volunteer workflow; a script for phone outreach to patients; and a template for the volunteer's EPIC message to the provider to summarize the call. We also included a COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions sheet, in case patients had any questions about the pandemic. We hope these training guides can serve as a reference point for other health professional schools hoping to implement remote patient outreach programs.


Emily Gudbranson, Yale School of Medicine
Annika Belzer, Yale School of Medicine
Mariana Budge, Yale School of Medicine
Sarah Fitzpatrick, Yale School of Medicine
Hannah Batchelor, Yale School of Medicine
Anna Zhao, Yale School of Medicine
Diego Armengol, Yale School of Medicine
Samer Hassan, Yale School of Medicine
May Shum, Yale School of Medicine
Erin Yeagle, Yale School of Medicine
Lucy Kohlenberg, Yale School of Medicine
Muriel Solberg, Yale School of Medicine


Learner Audience

Graduate Medical Education (GME), Interprofessional


Patient Care

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Written or Visual Media (or Digital Equivalent)

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Peer Teaching


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