Posted: April 2, 2013

Exploring Medicine Respiratory Module


In this PowerPoint module from a course entitled "Exploring Medicine," instructors will guide students through the basic anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system in the context of a case study featuring asthma. Detailed instructor notes along with the PowerPoint visuals, in addition to additional fascinating case studies to explore in small groups, are included with this resource.

*This resource was recognized as a top submission by the AAMC's Pre-health Initiative review committee.


MCAT, Pre-health, Foundational Concept 1, Undergraduate Faculty, uScience, Foundational Concept 2, Foundational Concept 3, Content Category 1D, Foundational Concept 6, Content Category 6C, Foundational Concept 4, Content Category 3B, Content Category 4B, Content Category 2A, Respiration, Regulation of Metabolism, Epithelial Cells, Gas Exchange, Respiratory System, Structure of Lungs, Breathing Mechanisms, Alveolar Gas Exchange, pH Control, Physiological Stress


Stephen John Jameson, MD, FACEP, University of St. Thomas