Posted: June 14, 2013

Medical College of Wisconsin Apprenticeship in Medicine (AIM) program


The Medical College of Wisconsin offers the Apprenticeship in Medicine (AIM) program to provide carefully selected high school students from diverse backgrounds with a meaningful experience to stimulate their interest in careers in medicine, biomedical research, and allied health. This resource is a brochure for AIM, which emphasizes academic preparation, achievement, and career awareness. AIM is a six-week competitive program designed to provide internship opportunities for high school students from backgrounds that are historically underrepresented in medicine and allied health careers including individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, underrepresented cultural and ethnic groups, and individuals with disabilities.


Curriculum, Health Equity Research, Minority, Diversity, Underrepresented, High School, Career Exploration, Allied Health, Internship, Disabled, Enrichment Program, Health Careers, E-PREP


Jean Davis-Mallet, MBA, Medical College of Wisconsin