Posted: April 3, 2020

Leading Change: A Case Study in Community Engagement


This case study simulates the community health improvement process, including working with stakeholders from various disciplines, such as hospitals, public health, and community-based organizations. This resource is typically delivered as a day-long workshop with two facilitators each working with a 6-7 member group. This material could also be redesigned as Team Based Learning (TBL) for a large classroom, modularized and delivered over a longer period of time, or restructured for distance-based teams.


Denise Koo, MD, MPH, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Virginia Watson, MA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Learner Audience

Undergraduate Medical Education (UME), Graduate Medical Education (GME), Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Professional Development (CME/CPD), Interprofessional


Systems Based Practice

Resource Type(s)

Distance Learning - Synchronous

Instructional Method(s)

Discussion, Small Group [≤12]
Discussion, Large Group (>12)


Population Health, Community Engagement, Public Health Sciences, Case-Based, Social Determinants, Leading Change, Upstream Initiatives, Collaborative Teams