Posted resources are related to educational innovations that are being developed, implemented and tested within the health professions. Sample resources include programs which aim to change curriculum at health institutions or frameworks for educating learners on newly adopted patient safety protocols.


iCollaborative has partnered with the AAMC sponsored Integrating Quality (IQ) Initiative to catalog and post AAMC member resources that have incorporated innovative multidisciplinary, approaches to quality improvement and patient safety across the continuum of clinical care and education.

The Holistic Review Resource Bank is the online destination for identifying, developing, and sharing tools and resources pertaining to holistic selection processes that are inclusive, coherent, transparent and mission-based. This community platform is designed for anyone involved or interested in holistic admissions or selection processes.

The Pre-health Collection serves as an online forum where instructors can share, rate, refer and access a wide variety of teaching and learning tools organized by seven content areas: biochemistry, biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, psychology and sociology. The goal of the Collection is to ensure that free resources related to the pre-health competencies are widely available, particularly to under-resourced institutions.

The Organization of Student Representatives (OSR) represents medical students nationwide and provides an active role for students in advancing the AAMC mission to improve the nation’s health. The OSR has developed a collection on the iCollaborative to create a special learning hub that will feature innovative materials developed by students such as the toolkits, posters, best practices, and reference materials.

The Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) sponsored the development of four core competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice and hosts two team-based faculty development institutes a year for teams to identify an institutionally based project and develop an implementation plan to imbed interprofessional education within their health professions schools. This collection includes posters that describe the development and implementation of these projects.

This collection features posters and abstracts that were selected to be presented at the 2017 GREAT Group Annual Professional Development Meeting, which are focused on the topics of interprofessional approaches to multiple/flexible career paths, postgraduate training, novel courses, wellness and resilience, leadership development, student and trainee initiatives, and rigor and reproducibility, trainee tracking and outcomes, holistic review and many more.

Posters from AAMC's Learn Serve Lead meetings present creative solutions to widespread problems or challenges affecting the medical education community and demonstrate valuable lessons.

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT), and Differences of Sex Development (DSD) Collection within iCollaborative serves as the online destination for identifying, developing, and sharing resources aimed at improving health education in support of providing comprehensive patient care for LGBT and DSD-affected individuals.

iCollaborative’s Health Equity Collection serves as the online destination for identifying, developing, and sharing resources to educate and engage medical students, resident trainees and faculty on health equity-related skills and concepts.

The Resource Clearinghouse Committee supports the GRA by providing a seamless portal and navigator to a repository of administrative and educational tools for Graduate Medical Education (GME) Central Office and Designated Institutional Officials (DIOs).

The Health Careers Effective Practices and Resources for Enrichment Program collection is designed to provide the space and mechanism to share best practices. This collection offers resources and discussion topics for leaders and practitioners focused on developing the next generation of health professionals.

In partnership with Duke University School of Medicine, iCollaborative provides you with a collection of vetted resources to improve clinician training in the field of population health. We seek submissions that demonstrate how healthcare providers can move beyond the clinic walls and partner with other stakeholders to improve the health of entire populations. Currently all resources within the collection are mapped to ACGME competencies and PHCM domains.

The AAMC Clinical Care Innovation Awards recognize and support the efforts of teaching hospitals and academic medical centers in advancing care delivery and improving quality through the integration of education and research. This collection features the initiatives of award recipients, highlighting innovations in new models of care delivery, payment, primary care delivery, graduate medical education training, quality improvement research, health equity research, and research that...

iCollaborative's Public Health Collection serves as the online destination for identifying, developing, and sharing resources aimed at improving the public health content along the continuum of medical education.